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Star Child Home´s 1 Linden-Madness Sale



I´m living in good old Europe where carnival still goes on now. So the Madness Sale from Star Child Home is driven me crazy and turned me into a punk chick! This dress comes with shirt, pants, skirt, belt, stockings, belly-button stud and a watch loaded with 3 dances.

At the landing point is a tp left to you to the sale but be sure to take a look at the items on groundfloor. There are some affordable unisex tees, a 5 set lingerie pack, silk tops and more.

When you tped up you will find a lot of boxes, all for 1 linden, with costumes like pirate, cowboy, fairy, dark angel or just sexy freaky outfits like mine. On the wall are two pictures with shoes, both for 1 linden. I am wearing the colorchanging shoes – also available for 1 linden are black platform heels.

The hair I´m wearing is called Dirty Biker – it´s a freebie and my favourite hair style. I got it at my beginning and can´t remember from what place, sorry! If you want it, feel free to leave a comment or IM me inworld.

Punk Chick Outfit (1 linden)

Colorchanging Shoes (1 linden)

Star Child Home

Another Skin Cfo (0 linden)

Another Shop

Total cost (2 linden)

Author: hsm


6 thoughts on “Star Child Home´s 1 Linden-Madness Sale

  1. Hmm, I’m getting a blank SLURL for Star Child Home. And the name doesn’t come up in search? I really like that outfit, too, lol 🙂


  2. I am pretty sure Hazel is sleeping. I don’t have a landmark for this one, sorry. I will ask when I see her.


  3. I´m sorry! The SLURL is now edited, hope it works 🙂


  4. Perfect, thanks! Sorry for putting the same comment in twice, it didn’t look like the first one was there.


  5. It was probably a case of an old landmark in a box. We find that many freebies may contain an old landmark for the store’s older location. Many times those sims are closed to the public or gone.


  6. uuuhm, to be honest :I typed the SLURL in a wrong way, shame on me *g*


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