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Chai with a Vedette

Second Style Magazine Issue #15 is out on newsstands. Inside the box with your magazine you will find a free skin set from LF Chai Skins. This skin, called Vedette, comes in the 6 skin tones both freckled or not. To find a Second Style magazine vendor go to almost any fashion store. I will make it easy for you. Second Style has a headquarters of sorts located on Le Zoo(122,33,22). The vendor is outside the archway on the right. Click the newsstand and you will get a box. (Naked skins behind cut.)


Star Child Home´s 1 Linden-Madness Sale


I´m living in good old Europe where carnival still goes on now. So the Madness Sale from Star Child Home is driven me crazy and turned me into a punk chick! This dress comes with shirt, pants, skirt, belt, stockings, belly-button stud and a watch loaded with 3 dances.

At the landing point is a tp left to you to the sale but be sure to take a look at the items on groundfloor. There are some affordable unisex tees, a 5 set lingerie pack, silk tops and more.

When you tped up you will find a lot of boxes, all for 1 linden, with costumes like pirate, cowboy, fairy, dark angel or just sexy freaky outfits like mine. On the wall are two pictures with shoes, both for 1 linden. I am wearing the colorchanging shoes – also available for 1 linden are black platform heels.

The hair I´m wearing is called Dirty Biker – it´s a freebie and my favourite hair style. I got it at my beginning and can´t remember from what place, sorry! If you want it, feel free to leave a comment or IM me inworld.

Punk Chick Outfit (1 linden)

Colorchanging Shoes (1 linden)

Star Child Home

Another Skin Cfo (0 linden)

Another Shop

Total cost (2 linden)

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Moulin Rouge Skins from Spirit

Spirit has just released a line of skins inspired by Moulin Rouge. We got a peak at the start of the Spirit skins before Christmas. To celebrate the new skin like, SavannahAnn McMillian gave her update group demos and 1 exclusive free skin. Do a search for SPIRIT Fan Group. . (When I do a group search I use the phrase spirit fan and it is the top choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 1/9/2008 with the subject FREE Moulin Rouge Skin!. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of box with a skin from Spirit. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your gift. This item are only going to be available as long as they are in the notice archives. So hurry! (Naked Skins Behind Cut)


Accessoires for pet lovers by Yumyum and Usagi

Hi, I´m Hazel Homewood, the new one, hired by Cherlindrea because I can´t stop hunting freebies !

The best therapy for a freebie addict is to write about freebies – hope it works and I can throw away the little yellow pills *g*

While exploring sims and shops as usual I stumbled into Umi Usagi`s shop at Aventi Island NE and found a lot of freebies right in front of the entrance. There are boxes with 2 schoolgirl outfits, some gadgets, caps and a knitted cap all for free – for the wristband and the black corset top you have to pay 1 linden. I decided to show you the knitted cap because I love it most, it´s so cute! And yes, I know, I´m wearing it without hair! Toghether with the free skin from ASHIA Design Cherlindrea sent out to the group I think I´m pretty enough *big smile*

Be sure to check out the shop, there are other great items like belts, boots, dresses, jewellery and so on. Not for free but prices are affordable.

Next I went to Yumyum´s shop just a tp away because I´ve heard there are chairs to sit in it for a while and get something for free. Well, sit down for 10 min in one of the 2 chairs and you get Bambi stockings for free. They come in black, brown, blue, pink and yellow in a short and long version. Love it!



Skin: Eloh Mod Pretty in Pink (group gift 0 linden)

Ashia Designs

Stockings: Bambi stockings (0 linden)


Knitted Hat (0 linden)

Umi Usagi PigSight


Watch the boots, punk

punk1.jpgI love being able to mix and match, specially when I find great items in many different shops, making them all come together is one of the pleasures of SL. FKDesigns has a great pair of basic sexy boots in both black and brown in their shop. Max’s Shop provides this hot pink skirt. The funky puffy earrings come in black as shown and in white as well, they’re from Black Ageha.


FKDesigns- Long Boots (0L)

W&M Designs- Skulls Cross Corset (1L)

Max’s Shop- Free Pink Roturu skirt (0L)

Black Ageha- Fur Pierce earrings (0L)

Panache- Freebie Skin 03 (0L)

ETD- Airy hair in Pink burnt (1L)

Kallista Kreations- Cindy Shape ($1L), Double Bead Necklace (1L)
Freebie Jeebies

Total Cost: $4L

Ashia & Sy Design a Pink Lady

Sy Designs - Pink Dress w/ Sculptie HatSy Designs has a few new $1L items at their store located on the north wall next to the store card atm. There are 4 items in all that include a shirt for the guys, 2 dresses(1 blue & 1 pink), and a hat.

Ashia Designs gave the FabFree group a nice gift of this Another Shop mod skin called Pretty in Pink. Do a search in groups for the group called Fabulously Free in SL. (When I do a group search I use the phrase fabfree and it is the only choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 1/9/2007 with the subject Free Skin from Ashia Tomsen. Click Open Attachment. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box that contains Pretty Pink Skin from Ashia Designs. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives. So hurry!

Note: To our lovely anonymous commenter – We choose not to use photoshop on the pictures shown so you see a true representation of how the products look like when you get them in SL. We save the photoshopped pictures for our Flickr accounts.

Sy Designs - Blue Dress w/ Sculptie HatAshia Designs - Pretty in Pink Skin, Sy Designs - Sculptie Hat

ALady Female Skins & Shapes: Prim Lashes($0L)
Alady Island(53,49,22)

Ashia Designs: Eloh Mod – Pretty In Pink($0L group gift FabFree)

Here Comes Trouble: Mallory – chocolate($1L)
Troubled City(135,205,24)

House of Zen: Full Perm Fantasy Eyes – rainbow brown($0L)
Hindoe Shima(182,24,47)

Sy Designs: First Sculptie Hat – Black($1L), Pink Dress($1L), Blue Dress($1L)
Cassiopeia Isle(149,229,23)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Chestnut Eyes($0L)

Tesla: Black Mary Janes($0L)

Total Cost: $5L

Fab Cherlindrea

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Style My Fairy

Style Your Destiny sent out a group notice that there is a $1L fairy skin in the shop. It is located at the bottom of the stair case with the $1L dresses. Although the skin is a derived Another Shop skin, I am showing the full body because the added detail is on all 3 layers. Looking at all these different skin styles from the Another Shop skins, it is a great time to be a new player. (Naked Skins Behind Cut.)