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Body Politik’s Fairy Tale of Schadenfreude

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Body Politik - Fairy Tale Gown MintBody Politik has a beautiful fairytale fantasy gown at their shop in mint. It is located where the usual freebie of the week is(behind the counter in the gift box) but there has been some screwy scripting things going on SL lately so you need to buy it for $1L from the box. It is a small price to pay to look like a Princess.

Schadenfreude has a great freebie box located at the top of the shelving in the middle of the store. There is the perfect pair of earrings to do with this dress in box. The earrings are called the spiral s earrings. There are many other items in the box including a matching necklace to the earrings, tank tops, tricorne hat, and 2 heilos jewelry sets(male & female).

Schadenfreude - Sprial S Earrings

ALady Female Skins & Shapes: Prim Lashes($0L)
Alady Island(53,49,22)

Another Shop: (Cf0) Skin($0L)

Body Politik: Fairy Tale Fantasy Mint($1L)
Eventide Far East(146,86,48)

Hair Solutions: Alyssa – dark brown($1L)
Elite Island(19,116,22)

House of Zen: Full Perm Fantasy Eyes – rainbow brown($0L)
Hindoe Shima(182,24,47)

Schadenfreude: Spiral Earrings($0L)
La Reina(177,177,24)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Tesla: Black Mary Janes($0L)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea

One thought on “Body Politik’s Fairy Tale of Schadenfreude

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