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SKG with Vintage Memory & Feelings

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Lycee Feelings ShopMisteri Writer sent me a note about a cute dress at Lycee Feelings Shop. It is located top center of the display just about the store logo. The dress is called heart dress.

Paulina Oceanlane sent me over to SKG Shoes where located inside the entrance to the right is a display of free and $1L shoes. There are 5 pairs of free shoes in dark blue(open toe heel, peep toe heel, closed toe heel, thick sole, pointed pumps) and 3 pairs of $1L shoes in white(open toe heel, peep toe heel, closed toe heel).

I headed over to Synthetic Memory and picked up a cute lip piercing set. The set is located in the middle of the store in a treasure chest under a tree. There are 4 different piercings in the set.

On a tip from Phoenix Chapman I headed over to Vintage by Random Calliope and found more goodies than I could count. Inside the doorway to the right there is a free box of 190+ slither jewelry items, a free Relay for Life brooch, and $1L But I’m the Only One jewelry set which includes a mole. Opposite the entrance is the Amadote hugger as well. The I’m the Only One set only comes with 1 earring but you can copy the other one to make a matched set.

Synthetic Memory & Vintage by RAndom CalliopeSKG Shoes

Calla: ImSoPreddy v2 – brunette($0L)

House of Zen: Full Perm Fantasy Eyes – rainbow brown($0L)
Hindoe Shima(182,24,47)

Lycee Feelings Shop: Heart Dress($0L)
JAPAN 2008(192,64,0)

SKG Shoes: Open toe Pumps – white($1L)
Aloha Business Park(153,211,22)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Synthetic Memory: Steel Lip Piecing($0L)

Tete-a-Pied: Vivant Bronze Newbie($0L under 30 days)

Vintage by Random Calliope:

Total Cost: $5L

Fab Cherlindrea