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Another Shop – Total Skin Wipe Out


Another Shop E Series - BodyAnother Shop is giving away all of their main skins full permissions. I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that selling free skins like these for lindens is wrong. This is an act of kindness on the part of Eloh Eliot so be sure to thank her.

Another Shop E Series - TorsoAnother Shop E Series - BackAnother Shop E Series - Fe Freckled EnvyAnother Shop E Series - Fe Pride

Another Shop E Series - Le Freckled GluttonyAnother Shop E Series - Le SlothAnother Shop E Series - Re Freckled GreedAnother Shop E Series - Re WrathAnother Shop E Series - Se Humility

Another Shop: E Skin Series($0L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Chestnut Eyes($0L)

Total Cost: $1L

Fab Cherlindrea

7 thoughts on “Another Shop – Total Skin Wipe Out

  1. I still wonder.. Why?

    Sadly, I saw two girls discussing selling these skins.


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  3. So giving them away or selling them for $0 is ok?


  4. These are out there full perm by the designer. I am sure sharing them with new players and friends is not an issue or they would not have been full perm. It is when people take this gift and decide to try and sell it to unsuspecting people so they can make a fast linden that is a problem.


  5. I usually get these and put them in a free vendor for my newbie and homeless shelter to give noobs a chance to look good and blend in better and faster.


  6. Doesn’t seem to be there. Did the store die?


  7. These skins can be found at FabFree HQ.


    Left shelf, top row.