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OT: The Quest for More Group Spots


Vote On MISC-208Don’t you wish that you could join more than 25 update groups in SL. I would love to keep all of the favorites I have discovered over the past few months but we are limited to only 25 so we have to pick and choose. I would love to stay in the update groups for all the designers that I love but I am so limited with the 25. I feel bad for shop owners who have to join groups for each store they own/land they build on because it takes away from the other groups they may want to be a part of or show an interest in. People shouldn’t have to drop their update group because they cannot have more than 25 and lose out on announcements from the favorite designers.

Beyond designer’s update groups there are many other groups as well. There are groups for charity work, social groups, club events, personal interest, and more.

We all do it. We play the update group shuffle. You look at your list and wonder which one you can live without or which one you can drop and come back to. I have tried hard to keep those shops that I felt helped me out so much when I first started in SL but it gets harder to do when there are so many other commitments.

There is a way that you, any of you, out there with an account on SL can let your voice be heard and help fix this problem. There is a special website for issues in SL called Jira. You can go and vote for this issue at Jira. How do you do that?

Here are the steps:

1. Go to: Issue MISC-208 or https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-208.
2. In the upper right hand corner it says log in, click this.
3. Type in your full SL name, first_name last_name. (I would put in cherlindrea lamont.) Enter your password. (This is a SL run site so your password is safe.) Click Login.
4. You should now be back at the original page listed above: Issue MISC-208 or https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-208
5. On the left side bar, find the option that says Voting. Under that tab it says Vote for It.
6. You have now helped many people by helping move this issue closer to the attention of the Lindens.
7. Share these steps with your friends.

9 thoughts on “OT: The Quest for More Group Spots

  1. Great step-by-step instructions. Just looking at the comments reported in that bug gives you plenty of reasons why a larger number of groups is needed.


  2. I tried to look at the process from the point of view of someone who has not looked at Jira before and went from there.


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  4. I started a blog for my store JUST BECAUSE of the 25 group limit. I get so many people who tell me that they would join my group, but they are already maxed out.

    May I have permission to post your step-by-step instructions in my blog, as well? I put a link back to your blog 🙂


  5. Oh, and I’ll add it to my group notice, too, if that’s okay 🙂


  6. Go right ahead, the more people who are aware the quicker(hopefully) this issue gets looked at.


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  8. I voted also, but I would like to thank those content creators who have moved to the subscribe-o-matic system. That has relieved some of my pressure!


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