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CSI: For a Friend’s Start


CSI - Starter AvatarI recently recruited a RL friend(Aine Moonbeam) to join Second Life so I looked into the best place to start. Many of the new start points have some really nice avatars to pick from but she decided that she liked the Asian avatar at the CSI:NY start. If you have a friend looking to join Second Life or if you need a fresh start you cannot go wrong with these avatars. There are 12 to choose from with 6 of each gender and all of them have decent skins, shapes, clothes, eyes, shoes, and, except for the 1 bald male, hair. To start at CSI go to : CSI: NY Second Life.

After helping her investigate the part of her avatar, we determined that her avatar, called Hana, has skin, eyes and lashes from Sin Skin, hair from Kin, shoes and jewelry from Last Call, and clothes from TorridWear,
CSI - Starter Female FaceCSI - Female ListCSI - Males

Last Call: Dazzle(68,11,27)

Kin: Eventide Far East(138,171,41)

Sin Skin: Sin Skins(28,7,25)

TorridWear: Indigo(236,52,31)

Total Cost: $0L

Fab Cherlindrea

6 thoughts on “CSI: For a Friend’s Start

  1. Where are these avators got? Please let me know.


  2. This is to start from scratch on Second Life. You register at the URL above instead of the main SL websites.


  3. Do you know where to purchase the other 2 outfits (yellow dress and scarf)? Especially the one with the scarf I really love that one! How did you find out about the shapes and all?


  4. As far as I know they were made exclusive for CSI: NY but maybe you can send a notecard to the designer asking about it. The clothes my friend got were from Torrid Midnight so maybe the others are as well.


  5. OK thanks hun! BTW thanks for this site. I love going shopping with your links. =)


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