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Morsels: LaynieWears Digit Darkes’ Mary Janes


LaynieWear - Dee DeeI read in the blogs that LaynieWear had this new outfit for $1L at her Lemon Island shop. It is really cute white dress that comes with a long or short skirt option. They went great with the mary jane heels that Sasy Scarborough tipped me off about at Digit Darkes‘ that come in gold or silver. The Dee Dee dress from LaynieWear has a silver accent so the silver heels went perfectly with the outift. The dress is located on display in the center of LaynieWear‘s store and the shoes are to the right inside the entrance to Digit Darkes.

LaynieWear - DeeDee LongDigit Darkes - Mary Janes Gingham Silver

Adam N Eve: Jewel – dark brown($0L)

Digit Darkes: Mary Janes – gingham silver($1L)

LaynieWear: DeeDee in White($1L)
Lemon Island(128,73,23)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L)

Tete-a-Pied: Vivant Bronze Paon 4($0L group gift)

Total Cost: $3L

Fab Cherlindrea

7 thoughts on “Morsels: LaynieWears Digit Darkes’ Mary Janes

  1. Love the shoes!!! Going to get them soon!!!


  2. Many many Thanks and hugs to you!!
    Reading your blog and tping to the stuff, took me from noobie to slexy in 3 days. A link to your blog should be somewhere in orientation islands and other start points in SL. I’m not sure if you have this, but when I was picking up todays freebie, I noticed that bewitched does have $1 hairs for avies under 45 days on a wall in the store. Thanks Again.


  3. Thank you both.

    I do show a lot of Bewitched hair because she is always gifting her update group with free hair.

    I have offered the blog vendor to the person in charge at the NCI centers but have no heard back yet. This would send the person who clicks the vendor to the blog.


  4. Is SYD: Style Your Destiny supposed to be “SYD: Shape your Destiny” ?


  5. In the owner’s profile it says she changed the name of the shop from Shape to Style to go with her product line because she sells more than shapes.

    From http://styleyourdestiny.wordpress.com/about/ :
    “SYD came about as a means to support Teagan Blackthorne’s hair habit. She started off selling shapes and the shop was called Shape Your Destiny but due to a shift in the product line the name was changed to Style Your Destiny. There are 3 regular locations and 1 location of just dollarbies & freebies.”


  6. Ah, thanks 🙂 I just wondered because I couldn’t find the Eve shape in the “Style” store (although I did see other 1L shapes upstairs).


  7. I went to check, the Eve and Adam shapes are on the adjacent wall tot he east. She happened to be there at the time and she said it is because the others used to cost more and were changed to $1L about a month or so ago. It looks like she will move together to cause less confusion.