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Tidbit: Eros Designs My Tacos with Neil Gaiman in Mind

Eros Designs - Dulce PurpleImagine my surprise yesterday morning when I was checking my blogstats and found that I had over 154 hits from http://neilgaiman.com. Wait a minute, Neil Gaiman has a link to FabFree? No way! I could not believe my eyes. I ran on over there and saw that he had blogged about the Beowulf avatar from the other day.

This tip comes from OhKnow Crosby:

Eros Designs has 2 free outfits and 4 free tank tops inside their store. They are located inside the main entrance to the right, go through the next doorway and the freebies are to the left piled high in boxes. The tank tops are 2 different designs that come in orange, brown, green, and red. The outfits come as a pants or skirt set and you can get them in blue or purple.

Taco Taco Taco is having a grand opening celebration and you can pick up a few goodies there. Just inside the entrance to the right are 2 free shapes, one for men(Chuck Norris) and one for women(Princess Diana). In the middle of the store there are 2 boxes with Taco earrings and necklace as well. The shapes are only free for the grand opening but the jewelry are regular freebie items.

Eros Designs - Dulce Purple (pants only)Eros Designs - Orange Silk TopEros Designs - Green Camisole

Taco Taco Taco - Princess Diana Shape & Taco AccessoriesTaco Taco Taco - Chuck Norris Shape

Eros Designs: Dulce Purple($0L), Somatina Camisole Green($0L), Silk Top Orange($0L)
Eros Cove(49,144,27)

ETD: Sleek – ash & caramel($1L)
ETD Isle(132,137,32)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Azure Eyes($0L), Sunrise Crew Neck($0L)

Taco Taco Taco: Taco Earrings($0L), Taco Necklace($0L), Princess Diana Shape($0L special), Chuck Norris Shape($0L special)

Tesla: Black Mary Janes($0L)
Dreamworld South(230,222,21)

Total Cost: $1L

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