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Quickie: Lily’s Be Mused – Musketeer Costumes

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Lily’s “Be Mused” - Bad to the Bone Specter Musketeer CostumeLily’s “Be Mused” has 3 different Musketeer costumes out for Halloween. The styles are Specter, Mad Jack, and All Hallows. The Specter set is white and the other two sets are orange with black. Each set comes with boots as well. They are located inside the main entrance to the left.

Lily’s “Be Mused” - Bad to the Mad Jack Musketeer CostumeLily’s “Be Mused” - Bad to the All Hallows Musketeer Costume

Blowpop: Mellie-Honey – smoke black/clear gloss($0L group gift)
Boudoir Isle(209,23,23)

Calla: Lichen – pumpkin seed black tip($0L Halloween Hunt)

Lily’s “Be Mused”: Bad to the Bone Specter Musketeer Costume($0L), Bad to the Bone Mad Jack Musketeer Costume($0L), Bad to the Bone All Hallows Musketeer Costume($0L)
Al Tang(125,181,65)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Chestnut Eyes($0L)

Total Cost: $1L

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One thought on “Quickie: Lily’s Be Mused – Musketeer Costumes

  1. I am SO sorry I am just getting around to thanking you for your kindness in posting about my Halloween Musketeer sets–I was not aware you had done this until now, and I certainly am very grateful for you getting the word out to folks. I was pleased to see that many people came and got them, and I am quite sure your post here had a great deal to do with that, so thank you very much!

    Wonderful blog you have here!


    Lily Caldwell of “Be Mused.”