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Adam n Eve Styled My Destiny

Adam N Eve - RobeStyle Your Destiny has made all of their shapes $1L so there are now 2 males shapes(Adam, Brian) to choose from and 7 female shapes(Eve, Amani, Taneya, Lyda, Selene, Diane, Tara) to choose from. Trying on some new shapes needs new skins and hair as well.

This is where Adam n Eve comes in. Avatars under 30 days old can receive 1 free skin from this shop. Both skins are light and called Caucasian. To get the skin, you must be under 30 days old and simply click the skin vendor. You will be given a folder with the skin in it.

Adam n Eve also has free hair for both men and women. The female style is called Jewel and the male style is called Oxford. Both styles come in 28 differernt colors so there should be one to suit you. As with most men’s hair(ladies, we have it easy),it looks good on females as well as males.

But wait, there’s more. While you are here stop by the shoe department because for avatar’s under 30 days you can receive 1 free pair of shoes. You simply click the sign that says Noobie Freebie and you will be given instructions on how to request a free pair of shoes, excluding boots.

Still want more? Sure. Head over to the clothing department and get this cute black lace robe set. There are free Halloween eyes also for a limited time but I wasn’t able to find them before putting this blog together. If anyone spots then, please replied with the location.

Thanks to Alphabet Qi, Sachi Vixen(owner), and Freyja Nemeth for the overnight information on the location of the eyes. Alphabet reported that the eyes come in the colors pumpkin, ghostly, bewitched, and bat.

Naked Skins Behind Cut.