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Don’t Taunt My Persona

Persona/Taunt - BodyI have been reading a lot in the blogs about Persona so I headed over there and found this beautiful orange dress. There is also a bolero jacket in baby blue as well as a logo tee. All of these items were completely free and located along the back wall on a little table.

Let’s go get some hair to go with the dress. I headed over to Taunt and to the west, floating in the air, is a picture of a treasure map. Buy the Treasure map for $1L and off on your hunt you go. Hidden around the sim are 5 tiki statues. Each tiki statue has a free hairstyle and the Taunt official shape. You can use the map to find the 5 styles or you can look at the little guide I made:

Tiki #1: Sorceress – espresso is located at Taunt(67,14,21)

Tiki #2: Salsa – copper is located at Taunt(20,142,21)

Tiki #3: Sheila – toffee is located at Taunt(81,224,21)

Tiki #4: Slyboots – jet is located at Taunt(243,201,21)

Tiki #5: Swinger – champagne is located at Taunt(195,21,21)

Persona - BoleroTaunt - Treasure MapTaunt - Salsa Front

Taunt - Sheila FrontTaunt - Skyboots FrontTaunt - Sorceress FrontTaunt - Swinger Front

Taunt - Salsa BackTaunt - Sheila BackTaunt - Skyboots BackTaunt - Sorceress BackTaunt - Swinger Back

Persona: Summer Dress($0L), Lace Bolero($0L)
Southern Paradise(35,146,23)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Amethyst Eyes($0L)
Lemon Island(144,66,22)

Taunt: Swinger – champagne, Slyboots – jet, Salsa – copper, Sheila – toffee, Sorceress – espresso($1L for the map)

Tete-a-Pied: Vivant Newbie Skin – Bronze($0L for under 30 days old)

Total Cost: $2L

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