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Wilted Rose Gave Me the Jeebies

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Wilted Rose - BodyWilted Rose hosts the free shop called Freebie Jeebies. I first encountered Wilted Rose products at Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise back in my early days on SL. Rose Columbia offers some unique freebies for the Goth minded for both men and women. There are more goth skins for $1L than you will ever need in a lifetime for both genders: 18 female goth skins and 4 male goth skins. Guys, not only do you have your goth skins for $1L but you can get a penis in regular, regular pierced, goth, or goth pierced all for $1L each.

For clothing there are all sorts of items depending on your tastes. If you are into leather, there is leather. If silks are more your taste, there are silks as well. From casual to formal, goth to traditional, Wilted Rose has it all for you in one nice package. There are full alternative avatars as well for the Furry or Mech in you.

Inside the main shop on the left, there is a pillar with newbie hair with 2 free styles(Anamaria – female, Tame – unisex) and 2 styles for $1L(Sweeties – female, Mohawk – unisex). A huge bonus is the lucky chair on one side of the pillar has hair and the other has clothing. Lucky me, while I was here the hair chair became a C and I walked away with Morgana – vampy.

Freebie Jeebies is a pavilion in the center of the area with items for free and $1L from Wilted Rose, LaynieWear, Canimal, Style Your Destiny, Kallista Kreations and more. There is a lucky chair in this area as well as a prize ball where I won the spiked collar in the picture and a flower for my hair while grabbing some information for this blog. For those under 30 days there is a Money Tree to earn some lindens for those $1L items.

There are some resale items here as well but as I said before I will only list those proven. Like Sarah Nerd, Rose Columbia is a proven that she has the best interest of the new players at heart when offering the resale items. Looking back in some other blogs, I discovered that she is one of a handful legitimate buyers of the hair, purses, and jewlery by Sarabi Spatula that you see all over the place at resale shops.

If you get lost, never fear, there is a teleporter to help you hop around the the various areas here. While you are there do not forget to sign up for the Wilted Rose update group. Your will receive a free gift and it does not count towards your 25 groups.

Wilted Rose - Sweetie HairWilted Rose -  - Mohawk HairWilted Rose - Plaid OutfitWilted Rose - Heels

Freebie Jeebies (everything $0L & $1L)
Bloom County(69,93,23)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Chestnut Eyes($0L)
Lemon Island(144,66,22)

Wilted Rose: Mystic Skin($1L), Radiant Hot Pink Skin($1L), Sweeties – black/pink($1L), Mohawk – gunmetal($1L), Leather Corset($1L), Lace Up Pants($1L), Standard Black Heels($0L), Purple Plaid Outfit($0L), Basic Spike Collar($0L from prize ball)
Bloom Bounty(73,126,24)

Total Cost: $7L

Fab Cherlindrea

One thought on “Wilted Rose Gave Me the Jeebies

  1. Thanks for the reviews! I wanted to add something about the update group. Once you subscribe, if you click the kiosk again you get access to the notice history. Back in august I gave out 2 or 3 gifts for my birthday, which I’m keeping in the history until the end of Oct. So, if anyone hasn’t already picked them up they will be available til Nov 1.