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Nora BodySkins – Freebie Skin (male & female)


Nora BodySkins - Male BodyNora BodySkins - Female BodyChecking my messages on Saturday, I had an IM from Zesje Sixgallery telling me about free skins at Nora BodySkins. I head on over and find something I have been looking for, a decent male freebie skin. There is also a skin for women here as well. These skins have a unique aspect that the others skin did not, they are modifiable. If you choose to change the lip color or the skin color you can do so in Appearance mode.

The male skin has a nice amount of body hair but not too much to be all icky. The eyebrows are thickly textured by not too heavily. The texturing on the face is fantastic with some veining showing on the temples. The female skin has nicely done bits with a soft textures on the skin itself. For those who do not want to sort through a bunch of skins in their inventory to change their look, these skins make it easy in one simple package There are instructions on a notecard for each skin giving details on how to change the skin to your desired settings.

Nora BodySkins - Female FaceNora BodySkins - Male Face

Nora BodySkins - Female TorsoNora BodySkins - Female Back

Nora BodySkins: Freebie Skin – male($0L), Freebie Skin – female($0L)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Adam Shape($1L), Chestnut Eyes($0L)
Lemon Island(144,66,22)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea

4 thoughts on “Nora BodySkins – Freebie Skin (male & female)

  1. This skin is god! My alt wears it, I wore it in a transitory period, and my boyfriend wore it most of his life (yes, the female one…>.>). It’s so wonderfully flexible, you can change all the makeup on it just like a Linden skin, and it has a fantastic tone range (my main is a pale redhead, my alt is Indian), and the details on it (nipples, ‘kitty’, knees, etc) are really quite prettily done and overall it’s very soft looking, it’s hands-down the best freebie skin out there for if you want to control how you look, in my opinion. My only problem with it is that the eyebrows are quite strong…that and endlessly trying to convince my boyfriend to part with it and his particular ‘medical condition’ which prevented him from undressing…>.>


  2. These skins are ace.
    I got some similar skins on the main SL Grid, before I tried out OpenLife..
    I’m trying to get some decent skin textures on O.L, as search does not work (stopping me from trying to find skin shops), and teleport doesn’t work either (stopping me from doing it manually),
    I was wondering if I could have a hand.
    I really need the Adam skin texture…
    could you send it to my email adress please?



  3. Fox, there are a few things you may not understand regarding this post.

    1. Adam is a shape and not a skin.
    2. The skin shown on the Adam shape is the intellectual property of Sezmra Svarog and I am pretty sure that she would not be willing to just hand over her texture for you to use on OL.


  4. How would I get a free male skin to work with in photoshop? I’m a novice at it and would like to play around with it?