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Inspired Kawaii

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Inspired - BodyInspired is another shop that has a complete avatar that makes you look like a Anime character. The Anime-Inspired Newbie Starer Kit comes complete with 4 skins, a shape, eyes, lashes, and a face light for only $1L. The lashes are no modify so they will only really work with the Anime shape provided in the kit.

The 4 skins are cute are work well for their purpose. However, if you are going to use these with another shape you will need to run to Alady and get the freebie prim lashes because without lashes the eyes loose some definition. The skins were not meant to be worn without prim lashes. Three of the skins have stars on the cheeks including on shade that is white as snow for the goth in you. The fourth skin has basic makeup with no fancy facial markings.

The hair, called Lirelie II, comes in 4 colors and is modifiable so you do not need to wear their Anime shape to wear this hairstyle.

Inspired - Skin 1Inspired - Skin 2Inspired - Skin 3Inspired - Skin 4

Inspired: The Anime-Inspired Newbie Starter Kit($1L)

Total Cost: $1L

Fab Cherlindrea

One thought on “Inspired Kawaii

  1. Hi! I’m the owner of Inspired, the store these are from. 🙂 Thanks for giving them a mention! My main reason for posting here was actually to thank you also for pointing out that the lashes were not mod – that was unintentional, and they are mod now. If the copy you get was mod, send me an IM in world and I’ll send you a new copy. 🙂 I also wanted to note a couple of things about the skins that might’ve been overlooked from the notecard included with the avatar: one is, since the eyebrows are color modifiable, if you don’t wear a hair base that has eyebrows, you will appear not to have any. The other is that vertex shaders (which, yes, aren’t available to *everyone*’s graphics cards) are fairly vital to this actually looking like an anime skin. Otherwise, the shadow on the nose doesn’t disappear, which is a shame. 😦