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It Started With a Skirt


The Skirt - BodyAfter visiting the Neko Fair, I decided to hunt around different Neko places for some more freebies. I found a place called Neko Gear that had several freebie boxes piled inside the front entrance. There were two outfits that weren’t really my taste but I will show them below, a Neko radio, a dog tag necklace, a can of Neko cola, and “the skirt”. I love this skirt. It is a red and black pleated skirt with black spiked belt at the waist and it came in 3 sizes. The dog tag necklace was cute to wear with the skirt as well. The only problem was there was nothing to go with it. This outfit needed a great top.

First step is to find a good shirt to go with the skirt. I do a quick search of my inventory for shirts that are black or red. I come across a freebie top that I had gotten a PixelDolls when I picked up that great dress set. It is a black crop top with 4 separate prim attachments for the arms. Without even leaving Neko Gear I was will dress with the shirt being a great match for the skirt. Another girl in the store told me my outfit looked a bit more Gothy than Neko.

Gothy. I could try to do that. Another search of my inventory turns up the Sin Skins freebie in a creamy white shade called Whisp. I knew I did not have good Gothy shoes but had seen a pair at Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise. I am off and running. On the second tier at Sarah Nerd’s, right near my favorite Mary Janes, is a pair of shoes called Scorned. They are a pair of black heels with silver metals plating and silver spikes. These are the perfect shoes for this outfit.

One last thing is needed to complete the entire outfit. The perfect hair and it must be black, of course, for that just right look. I head back over to The Gnubie Store and began looking at the hair from Panache on display. There are two price ranges $1L and $5L. As I am about to settle for the $1L hair I overhear two girls chatting that this $5L hair is at Free Dove for free. Woo! I run over to The Free Dove and grab the Panache style that was calling to me called Candie Vonta. Just to be on the safe side I also grabbed the other Panache style, Faith Midnyte, because you never know what you are going to need a variety of hair. Both styles came in 19 different colors.

So, it all started with a skirt and ended with a cute Gothy outfit. Along the way I found tips from other shoppers and visited several stores but I like the end result. It goes to show you that you do not need to match piece with other items they come with but you can go off on your own creative tangent to make the outfit your own style.

The Skirt - The SkirtThe Skirt - ShirtThe Skirt - Candie VontaThe Skirt - Shoes

The Skirt - Faith MidnyteThe Skirt - Tank SetThe Skirt - Halter Set

The Free Dove: (everything $0L by proven designers)

The Gnubie Store (everything $0L, $1L & $5L)

Neko Gear: Strapped Tartan Freebie($0L), Freebie Halter Top Set($0L), Freebie Min Tank Set($0L), Tags Combat 001($0L)

Panache: Candie Vonta – black($0L at Free Dove), Faith Midnyte – brunette dark($0L at Free Dove)

PixelDolls: Crop Top – black($0L)
Port Seraphine(19,162,27)

Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise:Scorned Heels($0L)
NineInchNerds(126, 111, 23)

SinSkin: Freckled Fresh Whisp Sin Skin($1L under 30 days only)
Sin Skins(28,7,25)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Chestnut Eyes($0L)
Lemon Island(144,66,22)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea

2 thoughts on “It Started With a Skirt

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