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Frangipani in My Hair


Frangipani - BodyI met a girl by a lucky chair whose name escapes me at the moment. It was an odd thing for me because she was the first person to tell me she read my blog. She told me that she got the best freebie hair from a shop called Fragnipani. Pretty flower. I head over to the shop and found it several shops in a cute courtyard layout. I really liked the latte stand because, for once, the latte given did not alter my typing. I held the latte in one hand and typed with the other when chatting. Loved it!

Inside the woman’s hair shop area was two different $1L styles to chose from. There was a medium style named Bavarsi that works really well for my casual outfits. The other style was a bun-up-do thing that looked great with many of the dresses I have found in my travels. These styles both came in so many colors I was hard pressed for choice beyond my favorite. She had a really nice dark, chocolate brown that I loved. There was a nice bonus of a pair of color-changing strappy heels. I preferred to keep the shoes in their default black. So for just $3L you get 2 hairstyles and a cute pair of heels.

Frangipani - Bavarsi FrontFrangipani - Bavarsi BackFrangpani - Shoes

Frangipani - Zoey FrontFragnipani - Zoey Back

Canimal: Emily Dress($0L)

Frangipani: Zoey – cocoa($1L), Bavarsi – venetian($1L), Color Changing Strap Shoes($1L)

Nyte’N’Day: Evolution Skin – Tan($1L)
Couture Isle (152, 174, 52)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Chestnut Eyes($0L)
Lemon Island(144,66,22)

Total Cost: $5L

Fab Cherlindrea

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2 thoughts on “Frangipani in My Hair

  1. Hello Again. Found that information that I thought you might follow-up on.
    Mui Mukerji made a post on Friday, September 21, 2007 about Zhao Shoes New Release. She commented about Zhao Shoes having an opening party and she got the free gift which included a pair of shoes named Sadie in black and she had been wearing them for several days and just loved them. She even went so far as to describe them completely in her blog ….. even down to the little chain that is hanging on the side with the “Z” letter. I went to the shop and picked up the “free gift” expecting a pair of lovely shoes and found a bracelet to match the shoes, but not a pair of the shoes. The bracelet is gorgeous. Was this a special offering only to some or did I happen to miss being able to acquire a pair of these gorgeous shoes? Again, any information that you find out in regard to these shoes would be greatly appreciated. Loxley Tatham


  2. Loxley, those shoes were for people attending the opening and were a limited time offer. They might reappear I guess if the demand is high enough but for now those were a get it now or not at all.