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Quickie: Bewitched Hair Drop

Quickie - Hair Drop BodyThis quickie is only for a few hours and can end at any moment. Right now there is a hair drop going on at Bewitched Hair. So run, do not walk to the Hair Drop. When you arrive at the sim there will be a display of the hair drop hair for sale. On the ground will be boxes that are for sale at $0L. You only need to buy one of the boxes. Inside each box is: Belle – teal, Dirk – mint, Joy – bell, Maddy – medpurp, Marley – mahg. Serious time folks, if you are not a member of the Bewitched Update Group then you are missing out on some serious free hair. So go and join. This group gets free gifts all the time and the hair drop announcements.

Bewitched: Belle – teal ($0L hair drop)
Lemon Island(90,125,22)

Canimal: Hard Candy($0L)

Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise: Naughty Mary Janes($0L)
NineInchNerds(126, 111, 23)

SinSkin: Freckled Fresh Sol Sin Skin($1L under 30 days only)
Sin Skins(28,7,25)

SYD: Style Your Destiny: Eve Shape($1L), Chestnut Eyes($0L)
Lemon Island(144,66,22)

Total Cost: $2L

Fab Cherlindrea

Tete-a-Pied: Vivant Newbie Skin

Tete-a-Pied has free skins for females under 30 days old game time. Sorry guys, it looks like the males skins are no longer available as of this writing. The skins are a basic form of the new Vivant line that has become increasingly popular. I own one of the new skins myself and am very happy with the care given to the detail on the skin and the shading. (Naked skins behind this cut.)