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Go, Go, SL Gadget Scan!

This is not a fashion accessory but a useful tool to have. It is called the SL Gadget and it is from SL Profiles. This gadget is the answer for those of us who cannot a fancy MystiTool. With a chat scan, camper, fly controls, blogging, and teleport controls this gadget will help you in your daily explorations on SL.

I have two favorite features on this gadget. The scan notifies me of avatars in my chat range. It is handy to have when going to a party or club and you aren’t sure if you friend can hear you or not(/1 scan). The other one that comes in handy is the quick teleport system. With just a few lines I am heading off to my favorite locations. You can set an unlimited number of tp locations into the gadget and you are off teleporting(/1 tp).

Other features on this tool include an orbiter for dealing with griefers(/1 orbit), a mini-blogger which works like a chatter placing your miniblog onto SL Profiles and SecondLifeTalk.com. It will also give the location that you blogged from so if you see a great deal or want to share a nice area it is easy to find again. (/1 blog Great sale going on at Calla’s!) For all your campers out there, this tool has an anti-idling mode but you cannot minimize your screen(/1 camping on). There is a flight controler that controls the speed and height of your flight(/1 flight) and you can make your own private snow storm(/1 snow).

The only catch is you have to join SL Profiles to use the tool. This is really not a big deal because it is like MySpace for Second Life. Beside which, they have an ongoing contest to win $2500L and that is a heck of a lot of $1L items. Right next to the gadget dispenser is a black vault. You click on the vault and guess a number between 1 and 2000. If you guess right, you are now $2500L richer. Not a bad deal.

Also located at this location is the SL Bridge that allows people outside of SL to speak to you in game.

SL Profiles: SL Gadget($0L)