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Feel the Temperature Rising?


It’s getting hot in here! There are so many original gifts from the Menstuff hunt and this stunningly sexy silk from (#9) Animations Rising is no exception. The complete 14 piece ensemble comes with all the accessories. This exotic look is highlighted by the masculine skin from (#86) Prodigal and together will get you noticed in any fantasy world. My pose is from (#143) Pichanga Poses and comes with three poses.


Also from (#9) Animations Rising you will find the Mesh Flexi Sash. The perfect piece to add to any roleplaying slave’s collection. I’ve paired it with the jeweled Olympian anklet from (#73) Agape Men’s Shapes, you can see a close up of it below. The anklet was created for the Menstuff hunt, so get this elegant piece while you can! My pose here is from (#141) Diesel Works and also comes with three poses.


The Menstuff Hunt is free and runs until Sept 3rd. It does not require a group to join. Click here to get started!


Get the Stuff!

*Animation’s Rising- Darkness Silk/Mesh Sash (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #9)

*Prodigal- Kurt Skin- (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #86)

*Pichanga Poses- Knees 02- (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #143)

*Agape Men’s Shapes- Olympian Anklet (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #73)

*Diesel Works- A5 Pose- (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #141)

Complete the Look…

*Wasabi Pills- Teeloh Hair Brown (not free)

*Slink- Mesh Men’s Bare Feet (not free)

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Welcome to the Jungle


I’m just swinging in for a Friday quickie post to showcase this unique Herne the Hunter outfit from (#44) House of Alcott. Defend the jungle and swing into action! The curling vine and stone column scene is a prop set from (#107) VICE and includes 3 built in poses with swinging vine. You can snag both of these for free on the Menstuff hunt!


Get the Stuff!

*House of Alcott- Herne the Hunter outfit (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #44)

*VICE- Me Tarzan Scene (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #107)

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Raving for Free Men’s Stuff


Get ready to rave over more fabulous free gifts from the Menstuff Hunt! From (#50) AoD, this raver outfit features the vest, belt, and baggy pants with neon blue accents and equalizer design on the straps. On the side of the pant leg are pulsing blue lights. If that doesn’t get you noticed, this striking black mo-hawk with blue streaks from (#2) KMADD will. My brilliant mesh eyes are from (#74) A:S:S and includes five eye colors. The black cubes are a prop set from (#57) Icons of Style and has six built in poses.

My incredibly sexy skin is the gift from (#12) AKERUKA and will ensure your the center of attention on the dance floor. On my arms I got inked the autumn dragon tattoo from (#25) B*FLY Tattoos. My talon necklace is from (#81) The Jewellery Exchange and also includes the ring shown in the bottom pic. The beautiful bracelet also shown below is the gift from (#35 Rookhold)


The Menstuff Hunt is free, runs until Sept 3rd, and does not require a group to join. To get started on the Menstuff Hunt, click here. So get out there guys and start hunting!

Get the Stuff!

*AoD- TheBeatZ Baggy (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #50)

*KMADD- Aria Hair-Club Black V (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #2)

*A:S:S- Brilliance- Mesh Eyes (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #74)

*Icons of Style- Black Cubes Object (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #57)

*AKERUKA- Neo Nat 2 Bald (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #12)

*B*FLY Tattoos- Autumn Dragon Tattoo (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #25)

*The Jewellery Exchange- Talon Necklace (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #81)

*Rookhold- Wristband Black Bear Onyx (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #35)

Complete the Look…

*DURA- Black Hairbase- Free (0L)

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Fashion to Die For!

Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood. Looking drop dead gorgeous in this outfit, a Menstuff Hunt gift from (#1) Egoisme! Not only does it include the blood spattered mesh biker jacket and elegant tight leather pants with belt. You also get the EVIAN Justine Zombie skin with tintable beard.

My terrorizing eyes are part of the hunt gift from (#2) KMADD and includes 5 eye colors. My cross necklace is the hunt gift from (#54) Exquisite Jewelry. My biker gloves are the hunt gift from (#104) MULHOLLAND.

The Menstuff Hunt continues until Sept 3rd and features some quality gifts from your favorite menswear designers. The hunt is free and does not require a group to join.

Get the Stuff!

*Egoisme- Mesh Biker Jacket / Leather Pants / Zombie Skin- (0L- Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #1)

*KMADD- Eyes Focus- Nearly Dead- (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #2)

*Exquisite Jewelry – Black Gothic Necklace- (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #54)

*MULHOLLAND- Biker Gloves- (0L Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #104)

Complete the look…

*Lapointe & Bastchild- Urban Buckle Boot and Shoe Set- (not free)

*KMADD- Russ Hair- Dark Brown- (not free)

*Black Cat Bones- BCB Chainsaw w/Sound- (part of an OLD, Murder Mystery Hunt gift, still available as of 08/13/12 in store)
If you would like this, look for a black cat in the store near something that squeals…

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On the Verve of Swimming


What a beautiful summer day outside. I think I will go for a swim and then work on my tan. The newest group gift from VERVE for men is the Benicio Pure II skin in 3 tones w/ included shape (not shown).  The tone I am wearing in this top picture is Sunblush and in the bottom picture I am wearing the Tan tone. My red and blue swim trunks are a group gift from SF Design and includes a mesh towel to wear on your shoulder (red towel not shown).

It costs 111L to join the VERVE VIP group, and 100L to join the SF Design group. Both groups promise regular gifts only for group members, so it’s always a good idea to join and start getting the freebies!

My eyes are a hunt gift from from Amacci for the Menstuff Hunt and can be found at #144. The Menstuff hunt is free, runs until Sept 3rd, and does not require a group to join. I will be blogging lots more Menstuff gifts this week. So stay tuned!

Ah, that’s much better, nothing like suntanning on the beach after a refreshing swim. Have a nice day everyone!

Get the Stuff!

*VERVE-  Benicio Pure II Skin [3 tones w/ shape]- (0L- Group Gift)
(Cost to join is 111L)

*SF Design- Red and Blue Swim Trunks with Towel- (0L- Group Gift)
(Cost to join is 100L)

*Amacci- Image Eyes (Thunder)- (0L- Hunt Gift) (Menstuff Hunt #144)

Complete the Look…

*Wasabi Pills- Dragon Mesh Hair-Chocolate- (not free)


On a Cold Winter’s Night

22769 - Wine Hoodie  ADDW Hunt, 22769 - Snuggle Winter Boots GG, ASS - Raven Pants  MENSTUFF Hunt, K - Bittersweet Dot Knit Cap & Scarf League of Christmas Hunt

If you’re taking a stroll this time of year, it’s best to be bundled up.  I have several hunt gifts that will warm your bones. Find the Wine Hoodie on A Depraved and Desolate Winter Hunt at 22769 Casual Couture. And while you’re there, pick up the December Group Gift, the Snuggle Winter Boots. Just a reminder that the MENStuff Hunt ends on the 25th, but you still have time to pick up the Raven Pants from A:S:S. The Bittersweet Dot Knit Cap & Scarf is the hunt gift from ::K:: on the League of Christmas Hunt. You can find all kinds of goodies there and shop the sidewalk bazaar.

* 22769 – Wine Hoodie   ($0L)
A Depraved and Desolate Winter Hunt
* 22769 – Snuggle Winter Boots ($0L)
Group Gift

A:S:S – Raven Pants   ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* ::K:: – Bittersweet Dot Knit Cap & Scarf   ($0L)
League of Christmas Hunt

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free



Snow Bunny

ROSENWOLF DESIGN Knit Moss Hooded Sweater, American Bazaar - Stripes Grey Jeans,  [BedlaM]  - Ugg Boots

I’m styling in the MENStuff Hunt gift from Rosenwolf Design. The Knit Moss Hooded Sweater is just one of the two sweaters you’ll find in the hunt gift. Also from the MENStuff Hunt is the Ugg Boots from [BedlaM]. I also found the Unisex Stripes Grey Jeans and Kawaii Scarf on the Kawaii Toast Hunt at American Bazaar. The scarf comes with a resizer for a perfect fit.

ROSENWOLF DESIGN Knit Moss Hooded Sweater, American Bazaar - Stripes Grey Jeans and Kawaii Scarf,  [BedlaM]  - Ugg Boots

* ROSENWOLF DESIGN – Knit Moss Hooded Sweater ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* American Bazaar – Stripes Grey Jeans and Kawaii Scarf ($0L)
Kawaii Toast Hunt

* [BedlaM] – Ugg Boots
MENStuff Hunt

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free



Leftover Turkey

WafflerZ- Camo Jacket, CODED - Black Ripped Jeans, [BedlaM] - Ugg Boots

As I’m sure we are all sick of turkey leftovers Here are a few items that aren’t turkeys. Well, perhaps maybe one is.  :)  The Camo Jacket can be found on the MENStuff Hunt at WafflerZ. Also on the MENStuff Hunt are the Black Ripped Jeans from CODED and the Ugg Boots at [BedlaM].

Another MENStuff find is the Byron Hair from EMO-tionsAKERUKA has a group gift for its members. The Manuel Skin is a Thanksgiving gift with a turkey tattoo on the chest.

AKERUKA  - Manuael Tanksgiving Skin, EMO-tions.  BYRON Hair

* WafflerZ- Camo Jacket ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* CODED – Black Ripped Jeans ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* [BedlaM] – Ugg Boots ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* AKERUKA – Manuel Tanksgiving Skin ($0L)
Group Gift

*EMO-tions – Byron Hair ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free


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I’ll Be Brief

Don’t be running around the grid commando! Get some fabulous undergarments for free on the MENStuff Hunt.

Alphamale  - Cotton Boxer Briefs 6 pack

Alphamale - Cotton Boxer Briefs 6-pack


Alphamale - Swimtrunks 2 pack

Alphamale – Swimtrunks 2-pack


VITAMEN Christmas Cat Bikini shorts

VITAMEN - Christmas Cat Bikini Shorts


Vanbeeck's Blue Snowman Boxers

Vanbeeck’s – Blue Snowman Boxers


Vanbeeck's - Red Teddy Bear Briefs

 Vanbeeck’s – Red Teddy Bear Briefs

KEMONO-System]  Front sculpture thong

KEMONO-System – Front Sculpture Thong


Mirco Dinzeo - Leather - Cotton Mix Pride Edition Brief and White Muscle Shirt

Mirco Dinzeo Underwear – Leather/Cotton Mix Brief & White Muscle Shirt


* Alphamale – Cotton Boxer Briefs 6 pack ($0L)
* Alphamale – Swimtrunks 2 pack ($0L)
MenStuff Hunt

* VITAMEN – Christmas Cat Bikini Shorts ($0L)
MenStuff Hunt

* Vanbeeck’s – Blue Snowman Boxers ($0L)
* Vanbeeck’s – Red Teddy Bear Briefs ($0L)
MenStuff Hunt

* KEMONO-System – Front Sculpture Thong ($0L)
MenStuff Hunt

* Mirco Dinzeo Underwear – Leather/Cotton Mix Brief & White Muscle Shirt ($0L)
MenStuff Hunt

* Poses – Avante Poses
Not Free


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Sweater Heaven

As I promised earlier, here’s more gifts from the MENStuff Hunt. Sweaters are in season and the hunt has plenty of them to choose from.

!Funk Menstuff Hunt Pants and Sweater, VyC - Loser Skin

!Funk – Menstuff Hunt Pants and Sweater
VyC - Loser Skin

[hate this] - V-Neck Sweater

[hate this] – V-Neck Sweater

SB Menswear - Aspen Cardigan and Gold Aviator Shades

SB Menswear – Aspen Cardigan and Gold Aviator Shades

Eclectic Firefly - Plaid Shirt and Cardigan

Eclectic Firefly – Plaid Shirt and Cardigan

Dragonlady's Closet - Charcoal Dakota Sweater and Michael Dress Slacks, 7Style - Blondo Boots

Dragonlady’s Closet – Charcoal Dakota Sweater and Michael Dress Slacks
7Style – Blondo Boots

* !Funk Menstuff Hunt Pants and Sweater ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* VyC – Loser Skin ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* [hate this] – V-Neck Sweater ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* SB Menswear – Aspen Cardigan and Gold Aviator Shades ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* Eclectic Firefly – Plaid Shirt and Cardigan ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* Dragonlady’s Closet – Charcoal Dakota Sweater and Michael Dress Slacks ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* 7Style – Blondo Boots ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* Poses – Poise ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt



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