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By the oceanside

Hey fabbies! I hope you’re having a great weekend, I know I am! I’ve spent my weekend fishing at Sn@tch! It’s always so exciting when they release a new fishing outfit, isn’t it? The quality of Ivey’s items never cease to amaze me, and the gifts (fishing outfits included!) are always extremely generous, and this outfit is no exception! Oceanside amusement park has 23 pieces for you to fish for, and they can be caught with either the casual or pro 7Seas fishing rod, I believe the demo rod will also work, but that disappears after 10 catches.

By the oceanside_002

By the oceanside_001

By the oceanside_004

By the oceanside_003

There are so many ways to combine and customize this outfit, it would be really great for just about any occasion, and because it includes appliers for lolas tangos and the ghetto booty, it’s perfect for everyone!

By the oceanside_005

They say that the devil’s in the details, and the little things included with this outfit are definitely my favourite parts! In addition to all of the clothing pieces you see above, and more, the outfit also includes shoes, a really lovely necklace, and matching makeup.

Stay fabulous, everybody!

Skyler is also wearing…

Skin – Morphine – Manilla – Peach – Nude/berry – Group gift/buy-in group (previously shown by Love [HERE]
Hair – Elikatira – Jennie – Copper
Eyes – The sugar garden – awake – ice blue
Hands by Slink

Sim – Sea Ranch



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Fish for this! 4 a.m. Curbside service

The newest Sn@tch fishing outfit, 4 a.m. curbside service, makes me feel like a rock star! There are 24 pieces to fish up, including shoes, jewelry, 2 tops, a corset, a pair of booty shorts, leopard leggings, fishnet tights, and appliers for both lolas tangos breasts and the Ghetto booty! These pieces mix and match fantastically with other Sn@tch goodies as well!

The sound of sn@tch_001


My absolutely fabulous guitar bag is NOT part of this outfit, it’s a sneak preview of one of the the rock attitude fashion fair gatcha items from Frogstar! These bags are absolutely to die for and come in an INSANE 22 different textures, only 2 of those being rare!  The gatcha will be $L50 per play at the Rock attitude fashion fair, which starts April 1st!

The sound of sn@tch_002

The sound of sn@tch_003

The sound of sn@tch_004


At the last minute, Ivey deschanel of Sn@tch decided to add the top I’m wearing here to the outfit set on 2 different layers, making this a 24 piece outfit (instead of the previously announced 22!) and I am thoroughly glad she did!

Skyler is wearing…

Skin – Glam affair – Aria – Asia – Combination 06 (Arcade item/$L50 per play)
Hair – Truth – Maiko – Black fade pink/ Silver skulls – (Arcade item/$L50 per play) (Previously shown by Love [HERE])
Outfits – Sn@tch - 4 a.m. curbside service (Free/$L0/Fishing outfit)
Purse – Frogstar - Electric shoulder bag – #8 – Gatcha item/$L50 per play
Hair clip – Frogstar - Rockstar glam hair clip – Black diamond – $L75

Skyler is also wearing…

Eyes – The Sugar Garden – Awake – Ice blue
Hands & Feet by Slink
Breasts by lolas
Lippie – Pink Fuel – Ink lipgloss

Set – A:S:S – Rock club
Poses – Presence – Azuri


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Feelin’ Peachy keen!

Hey fabbies! I promise I have not fallen off of the face of the earth, I’ve just been under the weather the last few days, and haven’t been up for much more than sleeping and blowing my nose. I’m feeling a lot better today than I have been, so expect to hear a lot from me in the next few days! While I’m not feeling peachy, the new Sn@tch fishing outfit is certainly “Just peachy”!

Feelin' peachy keen_005

This outfit includes 24 pieces, and can be worn in a whole ton of ways. It includes a ring, earrings, shoes, and appliers for Lolas tangos and the new ghetto booty!

Feelin' peachy keen_003

Feelin' peachy keen_004

I’ve put together a few combos with this outfit, but I’m sure you can come up with a bunch more!

Feelin' peachy keen_002

Just peachy even includes these cute matching pumps! They’re unrigged mesh, editable, resize scripted, and match every combo of the outfit I’ve been able to come up with so far!

Feelin' peachy keen_001

The cute pinky pink skin I have on is a free gift from Pixystix for the skin fair! It includes appliers for everything imaginable and comes in the primrose tone, which is a pale but slightly pink skintone. Pru previously showed this skin in her post [HERE] but I just had to wear it as well!! The Sn@tch fishing outfit includes 3 different makeups, but I chose not to wear them in order to show off this cute skin.

Skyler is wearing…

Skin – Pixystix - Winnifred – Skin fair special edition – Primrose – ($L0/ Skin fair freebie)
Outfits – Sn@tch - Just peachy (Free/$L0/Fishing outfit)

Skyler is also wearing…

Hair – Clawtooth – Windswept – strawberry cream
Eyes – The Sugar Garden – Vibrant – Radioactive – ($L0/Group gift/$L350 to join)
Hands & Feet by Slink
Breasts by Lolas
Piercing – Cute Poison – Animus piercing V3
Necklace – Cute Poison – tagged necklaces – Cute

Sim – Rainbow Haven (My sim)
Backdrop – Abranimations – ProPhoto Professional Photo Studio – $L888



Sn@tching A Glam Affair

Snapshot_003gfgThe group gifts at Glam Affair and the 7Seas Fishing Outfit at Sn@tch have me feeling all kinds of goth, even after Halloween!  The pale, freckly skin and white eyes shown above is called Unnamed, and after you join the Glam Affair inworld group for 30L you can snag the awesome duo for free in notices.  Also in the notices you will find the Halloween Gift which is shown below.  Renee showed this skin a couple of weeks back, but if you missed it – you can grab it in notices now!  The eyes are not included…  They are IKON’s brilliant and newly released (not free) Eternal Eyes in Pool.  They do make you want to swim around in them don’t they? :)
Snapshot_004As I mentioned earlier, I did a little fishing this weekend at Sn@tch in the 7Seas Pond and picked up the Four Years fishing prize that includes the two complete outfits shown below including the boots and jewelry too.


 I recruited Calgon to help me catch these pieces a little faster because they are transfer and he was kind enough to join me…  You know what he told me?  I am taking a risk of looking like a total dooooofus by sharing this “Classic Love Trill Moment” with you, but there have to be some people out there who haven’t noticed the dang feature either!

[2012/11/10 15:39] Calgon Foxdale: Love…
[2012/11/10 15:39] Calgon Foxdale: Do you have your rod on auto?
[2012/11/10 15:39] Love Trill: What?  No… is there a way to make it do that?
[2012/11/10 15:39] Calgon Foxdale: Click on the handle
[2012/11/10 15:39] Love Trill: oi
[2012/11/10 15:39] Calgon Foxdale: It brings up a menu
[2012/11/10 15:40] Calgon Foxdale: then you can sit here and fish.. and go do stuff
[2012/11/10 15:40] Love Trill: You have got to be kidding me.  Auto on – just auto casts all the time?
[2012/11/10 15:40] Calgon Foxdale: Yep
[2012/11/10 15:40] Love Trill: No way!
[2012/11/10 15:40] Calgon Foxdale: lol
[2012/11/10 15:40] Calgon Foxdale: yep
[2012/11/10 15:40] Love Trill: Wish you showed me that months ago
[2012/11/10 15:40] Love Trill: I been casting for like EVER…
[2012/11/10 15:40] Calgon Foxdale: /me rolls his eyes
[2012/11/10 15:40] Love Trill: Yeah.. you might be way better at this stuff than I am
[2012/11/10 15:40] Love Trill: just sayin
[2012/11/10 15:41] Calgon Foxdale: :)
[2012/11/10 15:41] Calgon Foxdale: hawaiian swim trunks!
[2012/11/10 15:41] Calgon Foxdale: lol
[2012/11/10 15:42] Love Trill: /me puts a cookie in your face
[2012/11/10 15:42] Love Trill: HA!

Thanks Calgon, for helping me catch those fish!


Love is wearing…

Skin & Eyes #1 – Glam affair Unnamed (free group gift / 0L / 30L to join) - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/164/134/24

Skin #2  - Glam Affair Halloween Gift (free group gift / 0L / 30L to join) - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/164/134/24

Eyes #2 IKON Eternal Eyes Pool (new release / not free) - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hot/227/92/39

Hair – Elikatira Studio (not free) - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elikatira/63/127/34

Sn@tch Four Years (Free / 0L / 7Seas Fishing) - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Snatch%20City/89/223/29


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Ah Sn@tch It, Let’s Go Fishing!

Have you ever tried your luck with the 7 Seas Fishing Game in SL? There are many places you can fish in Second Life.  Some of them you can catch more than fish – like Sn@tch where you can currently win the Silent Celebration outfit by reeling in 21 different pieces.  I picked up the Casual Fishing Rod for 100L at the 7Seas Gear Vendor which never expires and doesn’t require that you purchase bait.  It is free to fish, but you do require a 7Seas rod which you can use over and over and over again (as long as you don’t purchase the demo). It was located just inside the Sn@tch Games room.  After I had my rod unpacked and on, it was time to start casting!  Thankfully an old fishing pro, Luri was there to explain the whole thing to me – and was quite a help!

This is the Silent Celebration Outfit that I won while fishing at Sn@tch. It includes the entire outfit including the pants, shirt, jacket, boots, collar, scarf and also the makeup tattoo.


  A closer up photo of the makeup tattoo…  I SO love the freckles!


Sn@tch also has new prizes loaded into their lucky boards.  While I was fishing, lucky letter L came up a few times and I won the following prizes.

In the photo below I am wearing The Sn@tch Fishnet Body Suit Halter that came in the Sn@tch Fishnet Collection V.4 that was loaded with all sorts of fishnet goodies.  The Punk Latex Pants I have on came in a four pack of different prints (red plaid which I am wearing, pink plaid, skulls and camo).  I threw on my Tess Belt from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to complete the outfit, that was just 5L.
The Sn@tch Rocket Tops shown below come in a fatpack of seven colours including the aqua shade I am wearing and go great with the Latex Punk Pants in Skull.

The Sn@tch Urban Peasant Outfit includes the scoop neck black top and the peasant skirt which comes in six different colours.  I also threw on a pair of fishnet stockings from the Fishnet Collection V.4 I mentioned earlier.



Love is wearing…

Skin – Filthy Skin November GG (free group gift / 0L / 199L to join) -  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Red%20Wing/15/101/502

Eyes – Fashism Eyes Sunrise Pale Warm Silver (not free) - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewelry/47/208/38  

Hair – Truth Luana (not free) - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Truth%20Hair/113/35/27

Fishing & Lucky Board Prizes from Sn@tch (free / 0L) - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Snatch%20City/87/228/29

Boots – KBoots (not free) - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Kboots-black-engineerbiker-boots/718941

Belt – K.K.B.B Tess Belt Black Cubes (5L / marketplace) - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KKBB-Tess-Belt-Black-Cubes/1634467

Poses by Morphine & Exposeur


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Grab some tail at Exile!

As soon as I saw the picture for this mermaid tail at the Exile 7Seas fishing spot I knew I had to have it! Fortunately, I bought a fishing rod many, many moons ago.. so there really wasn’t any additional expense for me other than a bucket of bait.

If you don’t have a fishing rod, you can pick up a pro model at any 7Sas vendor for 250L$. Although this seems like a lot of money, I have won so many wonderful prizes, that I have to say it’s worth the initial investment. If you already have a fishing rod, lucky you, this is a cheapie!


I love the shirt included with this tail, it gives the impression that scales partially cover the upper part of my body: absolutely perfect!


Grab your rod, then head on over to Exile, and stop by the ol’ fishin’ hole to bag yourself a little tail.   =P


Quick note:  You need a mermaid AO to make mermaid tails “look” right. You can get a free AO (and another tail!) from the Cilian’gel vendor at Fabfree HQ.

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D’fly and the 7Seas of Discord

There is now a 7Seas fishing area at Discord North.

One of the really nice things about the 7Seas game is that people who put the game on their land can add their own catches to the random catch mix. Discord has added some very nice items, but I have to warn you that you catch the outfits one piece at a time — so catching full outfits could be a very long process.

Anyway.. I spent sometime fishing last night and got a LOT of Discord items. There was hair (pictured below), some Discord tank tops, and several pieces of the nice outfits that are pictured in the shop adjacent to the fishing area.

16febI have to mention that the 7Seas fishing  gear is not free, a pro rod will cost you 250L$ and bait buckets (100 casts) will set you back 30L$ each. However, if you already have 7Seas gear, you should head on over to Discord to try your luck for some of the great outfits shown below.


Discord uses a central tp point, so follow the arrow to the fishing area.

Discord Fishing Area:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Discord%20North/133/224/18

D’Fly Shoes has another awesome dollarbie for you. Totally impractically, and totally adorable,  the too cute spring time edition (shown below) is available in their Port Babbage shop.

16feb2D’fly Shoes in Port Babbage:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Port%20Babbage/44/180/111


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