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Dirty.Little.Secret FFHQ Gift

Hello, my name is Prudence, and I am in LOVE with the new Fab Free Headquarters Gifts, it’s true! Have you guys made it out to the new FFHQ yet? I could brag about it all day, it really is that Fabulous. Like anyone I do however have my own personal favorite of the gifts, and for those of you who have not already ran over to grab it up, I’d like to show it to you here. As a self-proclaimed lover of the arts and super-geek I absolutely adore this Salvador Dali inspired fashion gift set from Dirty.Little.Secret. No kidding, I kinda squealed with delight, just a little, the moment I saw it. I think it will be my go-to outfit for quite a while! The colors are great, the textures are great, I have not a single complaint. Not to mention it is a FFHQ Gift, so it is FREE. You just can’t beat that.

So without any further mush and gush, Enjoy! FFHQ DLS Dali

The FREE FFHQ Gift “Tribute to Dali” from Dirty.Little.Secret includes the following from Left to Right:

1. Butterfly Dress

2. Signature Tunic & Salvador Dali leggings with matching ballet flats

3. Dali Tunic & Dali leggings with matching ballet flats

4. Elephant Skinny Jeans

*Pru is also wearing the following items in the above photos:

Hairs - 

Magika – Moment

Magika – Shine

Skin – Essences – Song

Butterflies (worn with Butterfly Dress) – *Epic – Butterfly Buddies – past VIP Group Gift

Shirt (worn with Dali Skinny Jeans) – AITUI – Her Henley


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Fab Free Designer of the Day – 04/03/2014 – [dirty.little.secret]

[dirty.little.secret] __ black eyes ad

Get this pretty four pack of eyes FREE from [dirty.little.secret]!


**Each day, here on the FabFree Blog, we will be featuring one of our Fabulously Free in SL inworld Designers. Photos are work of the designers.”



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The Black Event – Dirty Little Secret (New Releases)

Hello Everyone, hope you’ve been enjoying your Turkey Day, for those that celebrate it! So this is just a little quick look at a few of the new things Dirty Little Secret has out at the Black Event. I am personally loving all these black themed items at the Event. I’ve been steadily adding to my wardrobe for days now! LOL One thing I love about Dirty Little Secret, is they are offering a little bit of everything. Something casual, something sexy, something formal. They even have items out for men! I also wanted to show you a set of eyes I found on the Marketplace, they are sweet, and doll-like. I think I’ll be wearing them for a while! Before we get to it, I want to point out the blog Nanny posted showing the other items Dirty Little Secret has out for this awesome event, click here to see her post! Alright, so here we go with the details. Enjoy.

DLS New Releases

Pru is wearing:


Dirty Little Secret – [d.l.s.] :: black satin deep V neck gown :: – $10 Lindens at the Black Event


Dirty Little Secret - [d.l.s.] :: black knit cropped sweater :: - $10 Lindens at the Black Event


Dirty Little Secret - [d.l.s.] :: b&w fleur burlessque corset :: - $10 Lindens at the Black Event

Peach Blossom Water Lenses

This is a close look at those lovely eyes I was telling you about!

Pru is also wearing:

Hair - Clawtooth: Could I Resist? – Delicious wine

Skin - Essences – Song *noisette* cranberry

Eyes - ~ Peach blossom ~ water lenses november 2013 gift – $1 Linden on the Marketplace

Lashes - - DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes <3

Collar - (r)M~Posture Collar > No.09


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More FFHQ Gifts For You to Love

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a few new goodies now available at the Fab Free Headquarters! There are always fun new finds there, so it is good to check back often. There really is a ton to choose from, so I just picked out a few items that I liked best to show here on the blog! I hope you like them, I know you will!

FFHQ New Gifts 2

To start, don’t you just love this sweet looking red-lipped skin? I thought it was too cute! This skin from Style by Kira is named “Jessica” and is one of the many new gifts at Fab Free Headquarters. The outfit to the left is also one of the gifts, this one is from dirty.little.secret and I love the paisley pattern! Paisley is almost always a hit with me. Next, you can also pick these two vest-like tops as  part of the gifts from Lucifer’s Heart. The textures are very well done, I could easily see wearing them with a cute fedora and some tailored pants!

Here are the details:

Hair - >TRUTH< Ramona –  Not Free

Skin - Style by Kira – Jessica Skin – FREE Gift at FFHQ

Outfit (Dress, Leggings, Shoes) - [dirty.little.secret] @ FabFree - FREE Gift at FFHQ

Jewelry (shown with outfit) - ELEMENTAL JEWELRY DAISY DAZE NECKLACE & EARRINGS - FREE Gift at FFHQ (earrings not shown)

Shirts - .:LH:. Jewel – Blue / Berry – FREE Gift at FFHQ – This gift also includes several other clothing items, including the dresses pictured below. Don’t miss out on this one!
FFHQ New Gifts 1

I know, Halloween is over, but I just couldn’t resist this zombie skin from Miasnow! It’s sooo beautifully done, if ever you thought of a zombie as pretty, this one would be! Care also showed this skin in one of her posts, here. Even re-animated dead girls need a wardrobe, so I picked out a few more things from the giant pile of freebies at FFHQ, and I think she’s adorable. hehehe

Here are the details:

Hair - >TRUTH< Ramona –  Not Free

Skin - MIASNOW Skin – ZOMBINA brainlicker - FREE Gift at FFHQ – This gift also includes a male version of the skin, and a few other little gifts not shown.

Outfit (shirt and pants) - .: Somnia :. Plain Tee {Pale Pink} &.: Somnia :. Bow Tied Leggings {Gray} - FREE Gift at FFHQ – This gift also includes another mesh shirt that is also adorable, but  not shown.

Dresses –  FREE Gift at FFHQ

  • .:LH:. Dubya – Pink
  • .:LH:. Madison – Pink
  • .:LH:. Aria Bronze

All 3 Dresses are part of the huge gift from Lucifer’s Heart. The gift also includes several other clothing items including pants, skirts and undies (not shown)!


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On the Abrasive

abrasiive_001 copy

Skin: It girls - Lorde
Hair: Lamb – Love potion
Dress: Abrasive – Urban leopard dress (group gift)
Shoes: Cult of Belgar – Purple galaxy platform sneakers

Hoo boy do I have a lot of goodies to show off today!

Abrasive has finally opened up a mainstore after having been a marketplace-based business forever and it is stuffed full of goodies! You might want to sit down!

abrasive_004 copy

Dress: Abrasive – Starry pink mini dress (Group gift)
Cardigan: Dirty little secret - Daddy’s cardigan (10L$)

First up! Two group gifts have been set out for you! The urban leopard dress and the starry mini dress are both up near the gacha machines! The group is free to join an the dresses have Tangos appliers!

abrasive_001 copy

Top: Abrasive – long vest tank (1L$)
Leggings: Abrasive – Hipster leggings (Lucky chair)

Next, there are a ton of dollarbies that have been stacked up on the counter! The barely there outfit and locked and loaded outfit are both 1L$ with an additional opening ‘Abrasive designs’ mesh tanktop which is also 1L$!

abrasive_003 copy

Top & Jeans: Abrasive – Barely there (1L$)

And as if that wasn’t enough, head to the back of the store where you’ll find luckychairs, guess&win boards, Midnight Mania and profile picks board so you have even more freebies to get!

abrasive_002 copy

Top & Leggings: Abrasive – Locked and loaded (1L$)


Why are you still here?! Get yourself down to Abrasive to get all of these awesome freebies, group gifts, prizes and dollarbies!


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News of My Dirty Little Secret

Blogging soon

Have you heard the news? [dirty.little.secret] is back, and they’re at The Wash Cart Sale! Here, I’m wearing a FREE ladies turtleneck sweater (also available in men’s), black boyfriend jeans, and a pair of B&W pumps. The pumps come with a HUD so you can change the pattern. Oh, and there is a pair of jeans for the men, too. :-)

[dirty.little.secret] Ladies Midlength Turtleneck Peacock (0L @ The Wash Cart Sale)

[dirty.little.secret] Black Boyfriend Ladies Jeans (10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)

[dirty.little.secret] B&W Color Change Pumps (10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)

Blogging soon

Just in time for cooler weather, you can pick up this cute trench coat at the [dirty.little.secret.] cart. There is a longer version available for the fellas.

[dirty.little.secret] Ladies Trench Dark Grey (10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)

Blogging soon

In case of an October warm-up like we often get in RL, throw on this knit tube top to cool off.

[dirty.little.secret] Black Fade Long Tube Top (10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)

[dirty.little.secret] Black Boyfriend Ladies Jeans (10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)

Blogging soon

More good news: my newspaper poses are a free subscribo gift from Label Motion. You should already have received them if you’re a subscriber, but if you’re not, head down to the store and slap the subscribo. I couldn’t find a way to pull up the history, so hopefully one of our super-smart readers can figure it out! :-) Oh, and my off-the-shoulder knit dress is from [dirty.little.secret].

[dirty.little.secret] Light Knit Dress Grey (10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)

[dirty.little.secret] B&W Color Change Pumps (10L @ The Wash Cart Sale)

Blogging soon

Each day from September 5-25, [dirty.little.secret] will offer one of it’s Cart Sale items for only 5L. And today’s sale item is this super sexy Daddy’s Cardigan Set. The set includes the bra and panties, off-shoulder sweater, and garter socks. The socks also come in a short version, if that’s more your style. Remember, this sale is ONLY for today, 10 September 2013, so hurry!

[dirty.little.secret] Daddy’s Cardigan Set (5L TODAY ONLY @ The Wash Cart Sale)

Please note that [dirty.little.secret] does not have an in-world store at the moment. You can catch them at The Wash Cart Sale, or on the Marketplace. A demo box containing all of their Cart Sale items is available at their cart.

* * * * *

Serena is also wearing…

Skin – Glam Affair Katya Europa (not free / store closed for remodeling)

Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes Clarity (not free)

Eyelashes – REDGRAVE 6-Natural (not free)

Hair – TRUTH Teddy (not free)

Hands - Slink Avatar Enhancement Casual Hands (not free)

Poses 1-4: Label Motion My Newspaper (0L / subscribo gift)

Pose #5 by Exposeur Poses (not free)


Autumn in the Attic

aytdujyg_001 copy

Skin: It girls – Lorde
Hair: ISON – Heidi
Headband: Pekka – Barbed wire crown
Top: Attic – Native Kaftan (1L$)
Leggings: LUNARICON – Ombre suspenders (TCF)
Bangles: Half deer – Painted Rustic Bangles
Shoes: Shushu – Feel free (0L$)

The leaves are already starting to change over here and despite the shorter days and colder weather, the colours are definitely prettiest this time of year!

So here I have two Autumny dollarbies for you! The overalls and the Kaftan are both 1L$ on the Marketplace as ‘wearable demos’ by Attic, meaning they’re demos that don’t have all the crazy demo textures. But they’re still demos so if you don’t like the colours, you can buy one of the full products in a different colours. Let’s be honest though, you can’t go wrong with this much quality for 1L$! There are a few  other dollarbies and freebies at Attic for both men and women so go check ‘em out!

attic_001 copy

Hair: Truth – Brandy
Sweater: Dirty little secret – Ladies turtleneck (0L$)
Overalls: Attic – overall (1$)
Boots: ALB – California dream (0L$)

Also marked as ‘wearable demos’ are both boots pictured. The grey boots are by ShuShu and they’re an affordable wardrobe staple for the colder months (sorry girls, it’s time to put the flip-flops away!). The native-inspired California dream boots by ALB are also wearable demos. Also, did I mention that they’re both free? Free shoes!



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A Dirty Little Secret @ The Wash Cart Sale

Confession: I sometimes sing and dance around my house when no one is looking. Ok, Nessie is looking, and she probably thinks I sound like a sick cat. But she’s a good sport and always puts up with my silly antics. :-)


I might sound awful, but at least I look good. Nessie and I popped over to The Wash Cart Sale today and boy, the joint was jumpin’! I picked up some great deals from [dirty.little.secret] and wanted to show you a few of my favorites. I love the textures and vivid colors in this mesh Spring Poofy Party Dress. And my pumps, also mesh, are texture-change with 3 different colors/patterns.

[dirty.little.secret] Mesh Spring Poofy Party Dress (10L / TWCS)

[dirty.little.secret] Mesh Spring Pumps (10L / TWCS)


These Spring Love Letter Jeans are not mesh, but they do come in both gray and pink. I still haven’t figured out what they say, but the writing is pretty. :-) These mesh flats are texture-change with 3 different colors/patterns. You can even change the amount of shininess!

[dirty.little.secret] Mesh Spring Tube Top (10L / TWCS)

[dirty.little.secret] Spring Love Letter Jeans (10L / TWCS)

[dirty.little.secret] Mesh Spring Ballet Flats (10L / TWCS)


Why yes, I do like to dance around and sing in my undies sometimes, especially in cute, FREE undies! That’s right, these undies are a free gift from [dirty.little.secret] at The Wash Cart Sale, so be sure you stop by and pick up a pair. These fun, pop star poses – which include the microphone – are by aDORKable Poses for this month’s round of My Attic. All items at My Attic are 95L, which is a steal for such cute poses and props! But here’s the bad news: today is the last day for the February round, so HURRY! 8-O

[dirty.little.secret] Spring Undies (free gift / 0L / TWCS)

[dirty.little.secret] Mesh Spring Pumps (10L / TWCS)


My necklace and earrings (which are buried in my hair) are the current group gift from Virtual Impressions (free to join). There is another gift box sitting at the bottom of the stairs which is free for everyone, so don’t miss it while you’re there!

Oh, and this GOR-JUSS skin is by [TULI] for My Attic for… that’s right, 95L! Zoe :: Pop comes in 3 skin tones (I’m wearing the fairest, Petal), and comes with the eye makeup you see here (excluding the lashes), 2 types of cleavage, a nail concealer (THANK YOU!), and the purple lipstick you see me wearing in the first two photos. But again, you only have TODAY to get the great My Attic sale items, so don’t delay! Seriously, it’s not often that I try on a new skin from a new-to-me designer and say, “WOW!”, but… wow! I’ll definitely be looking for more from TULI. :-)


As you can see, there are tons of great items for sale at The Wash Cart Sale, and this is just one cart! All items are 10L or less, and many carts have freebies just waiting for you. You have until March 13th to check out all the 10L goodness! :-D



The Wash Official Blog

* * * * *

Serena is also wearing…

Skin – TULI Zoe/Pearl:: Pop (95L / My Attic)

Eyes – IKON Lucid Eyes Blue-Gray (not free)

Eyelashes – *Redgrave* 6-Natural (not free)

Hair – [elikatira] Return (70% off until 3/10/13)

Nails – Izzie’s Classic Nails (not free)

Jewelry – Virtual Impressions Avril in Pink & White Diamonds
(group gift / 0L / free to join)

Puppy – Virtual Kennel Club Birch Puppy (not free)

Poses – aDORKable Poses Pop Star (95L / My Attic)

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I Have a Quick, Dirty Little Secret


And here it is: Today is the last day you can join the [dirty.little.secret] VIP group for free. After today, the join fee will go back up to 150L. There… I’ve said it. Why should you join, you ask? Because group members receive tons of group gifts and get a 25% discount. Really, go see for yourself! And while you’re there, be sure to pick up the current hunt gifts, slap the Midnight Madness Boards, sit in the Lucky Chairs, and grab everything in the Freebie Corner! You’ll score there, I promise! :-)

Today I’m wearing the Icon’s of Style: Twiggy Loose Tunic Tee, which I won on the [dirty.little.secret] Midnight Madness Board. The shirt is mesh, and comes in standard sizing. Prizes in the boards are rotated, so if you don’t see it there today, be sure to check again tomorrow. My jeans are Blackburns Hip Hugger Denim Jeans in black, which are a freebie (0L) on the Marketplace. You also get a pair of blue jeans in the box. My necklace is the Antique Pendant Key, which is a dollarbie (1L)  from [Fairy Tail]. It comes with a texture-changing bow. And finally, my pose prop is the ‘Falling’ Wall Decor – Spring, the Four Walls Hunt prize from {what next}. It comes with a bunch of cute poses for one or two avatars. All prizes in the FWH are 20L each, but are valued at up to 200L.

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Skin – Glam Affair Amberly America (not free)

Eyes – IKON Horizon Eyes v2 Pale Glass (not free)

Eyelashes – *Redgrave* 6-Natural (not free)

Hair – >TRUTH< Valeska (not free)

Nails – Izzie’s Metal Stripe Nails (not free)

Shirt – [dirty.little.secret] Twiggy Loose Tunic Tee (free / 0L / MM)

Pants – Blackburns Hip Hugger Denim Jeans Black (free / 0L)

Necklace – [Fairy Tail] Antique Pendant Key (1L)

Boots – [Gos] Triumph Boots (not free)

Pose Prop – {what next} Falling Wall Decor – Spring (20L / FWH)


Swinging Is My Dirty Little Secret


At the end of a long day, I love to sit quietly, sip a glass of wine, and contemplate life. Tonight, I’m relaxing in the Winter Dreaming Tree, the January group gift from [dirty.little.secret]. The gift includes this ginormous tree, fluffy white grass, and swing with animations (the tree is actually a bit whiter than it appears here at sunset). The [dirty.little.secret] group is 150L to join, but they are so generous with group gifts.


This snuggly outfit is the Frozen Treats Hunt gift from Vips Corner (#5). Included are the leggings, UGGs boots, and fuzzy, pink sweater. There is also a men’s gift in the box (not pink, don’t worry). The Frozen Treats Hunt ends on January 15th, and all items are 1L each.


My necklace and earrings are by Ben’s Beauty, and are available for 55L this week at fi*Fridays. It includes a menu selection of 7 different stones. My cute ponytail hair is by >TRUTH<, and is a TRUTH District group gift (only available at this location). The gift includes a fatpack of colors, color-changing headband, and your choice of colors for streaks… or no streaks at all, if you prefer. This gift has been out for quite a while, and I was so happy to see that it’s still available!

Yawn… maybe I’ll just take a nap. :-)

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Skin – Glam Affair Roza Brr & Etci 02 (not free)

Eyes – IKON Utopia Eyes Pale Purple + Blue (not free)

Eyelashes – *Redgrave* 6-Natural (not free)

Hair – >TRUTH< Becky Streaked (group gift / 0L / free to join)

Nails – Izzie’s Metallic Gradient Nails (not free)

Complete Outfit – Vips Corner (1L / FTH)

Jewelry – Ben’s Beauty Rosana (55L / fi*Friday)

Tree & Swing – [dirty.little.secret] Winter Dreaming Tree
(group gift / 0L / 150L to join)

Additional poses by Diesel Works (not free)


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