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Life is Just a Fantasy

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Wasabi Pills - Teeloh Mesh Hair, Fallen Gods - Parchment Skin

As Love showed earlier, there is a great low lag skin and hair at each of the nine Fantasy Faire 2012 sims. The  Parchment Skin is provided by Fallen Gods and Wasabi Pills created the Teeloh Mesh Hair for the event. I found mine on The Tides sim at the landing point. Let the sim rez completely before you start wandering the grounds. This skin and hair is not only low lag, but could also be used for different role play scenarios. Take the time to shop the Fantasy Faire 2012 with porceeds from the event going to the American Cancer Society.

Fantasy Fair Low Lag Skin back

* Wasabi Pills – Teeloh Mesh Hair ($0L)
* Fallen Gods – Parchment Skin ($0L)
Fantasy Faire 2012

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


Author: Carson Caiben

Blogger for FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL. Please send review copies in a folder with any information necessary such as, Hunt, Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania Board, Group Gift and dates the item will be available.

One thought on “Life is Just a Fantasy

  1. I suddenly have an urgency to read parchments…

    Sorry I could’t resist saying it!!! LOL

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