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Glam Affair discounts


Glam Affair have opened a discount section at their store.. all old male and female clothing releases and the Nefertiti skin line in all shades are reduced to 10L.

To find the sale room, you will need to cross the courtyard straight ahead from where you tp in. The sale room is on the second floor of the building directly ahead. The co-ordinates are 169/134/24.

Here are some things I scooped up to show you.

Here are some of the skins you can find on offer for 10L each. These are all in the pale skin tone, but there are other tones there aswell.

The corsetted shirt worn in these pictures is called Jane 1.

And here is a small selection of some of the female clothing available for 10L each. There are lots of other colours to choose from in store too!

This dress is called Lunitica and comes with the wings shown

This set is from the Malice Line and is called Selma

This set is also from the Malice Line and is called Louisville. There is a cute feather boa that comes with the set also.

2 thoughts on “Glam Affair discounts

  1. It would be nice to give more direction where these items are found and give a LM that is more relevant!

  2. The SLURL that I put in the blog post would have taken you directly to the room if point to point tping was enabled but it isnt… so I will amend the post with the relevant directions. I apologize for the problem you had in finding the sale room.

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