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… like the first dew fall on the first grass …


Yes, morning has broken … it´s 3.04 a.m … and this old song by Cat Stevens was all I could think of when I saw KUNGLER´s new weekly freebie “Floral Dress”. I love the soft colors of the cute little dress … colored just like the first dew fall :-)

The lovely matching “Yves Heels Green” are the weekly gift from KAKAUE KREATIONS. Necklace, earrings and bracelet come from MOONTAN`s. What a beautiful jewellery :-)

My skin is part of a “Full Avatar Box” offered by Eclectic by Hera. “Petunia Avatar Box” is a dollarbie, and comes with skin, shape and eyes. Shown is only the pretty skin. Also the shape is beautiful but I can´t help myself … whenever I change my shape I´m not comfortable with it, it´s not “me” :-))) You find this box (and more!) on the 2nd floor in the back corner.

I can´t remember the name of the hairstyle … but it´s a HAIR FAIR gift by Adam n Eve. If you want to know more ask Renee, please :-))) I´m glad that I´m still alive … I´ve seen girls there with all attachments you can imagine … even with their shoulder pets, handbags and so on!

Now I´m exhausted, really tired … enjoy your freebies … I´m off for a nap. Good night :-)

Author: hsm


2 thoughts on “… like the first dew fall on the first grass …

  1. enjoy your nap.. I can see you are not resting, you are finding some great stuff :D

  2. thx, AlterEgo :-) I know I should try to get more sleep … but freebies are calling *g*

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