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Blanc`s last 2 gifts / Calla / Lisa`s / Adora


Quickie: I received a group notice from Blanc announcing her last 2 gifts because her store will be closed. I don`t know the reason for the closing, and I´m not sure at what time the store will be closed. The notice only said “… maybe tomorrow”. Hopefully, Blanc will not be closed at all :-) However … Blanc also have a sale (prices range between 1 Linden and 50 Linden), so tp over and have a look for yourself.

What I´m showing in the post (and I like all, k? *smiles*):

PO-Turn Dress comes in white (not shown), light blue and light pink. You can wear it with short sleeves or “70% sleeves”.

Gigolo Dress in black is my favorite. A perfect little, black dress!

PIO Dress comes in 6 colors (shown in lavender).

To get the cute “White bare shirt & black skirt” you have to join the group (free to join). Use the search tab (phrase “blanc” ), or take a look at my profile. Wear your group tag, click the group gift ad … it´s yours now :-)

There are more freebies as the lovely DON top (comes in brown, black, red).

Also I´ve found 4 dollarbie tops at Blanc. Shown here is Tanktop Mermaid Purple. I matched it with a limited time offer (hurry …. I think you have only 2 days to get it!) by Lisa`s Things. I love her “flower power hippie yippie” (my term LOL) Fantasy Olive Jeans. There are more jeans (only 100 Linden!), you have to see it! I have to go back to Lisa`s later :-)

Blanc`s Bare Top in Cherry isn´t free (15 Linden) but cute. I´m not only a pet lover, I´m a fruit lover too :-) This top goes well with the wonderful July gift from Adora Shapes & Skins! It´s still on the counter desk, and you get casual Indigo Jeans, Jacket Creme and cute Emaleigh Shoes! Oooh, and there are also a free Sexy AO/HUD and free Heel Click for shoes :-)

Skin and hair are group gifts (touch the subscribe-o-matic on the counter desk, it´s the first message) from Calla & Calla Hair for Men. The (unreleased) skin is called *takes a breath* …. Morning Light Browns(Deep Gold)(Marilyn). It could be called simply “Skin by Calla” … I would like it too :-) As well as I like the hair! Shown here is Ash Dirty Blondes(Honey). Ash also comes in auburn (cherry wood), brunettes II (mocha), dreams (honey brunette highlights) and reds (golden red).

Done with the freebies! Enjoy :-)

The following lines are on my own behalf (you can skip it LOL):

My credits go to all generous designers, of course :-)

Special credits go to Ashia Tomsen. She isn´t only a generous and great designer (go to her store, there´s a Lucky Chaihaaaiiiir!!) but also a writer for one of our “rival” freebie bloggers ;-) I met her earlier today, we had a very nice and interesting chat, and she´s the one who motivated me to continue with freebie blogging. Why? That´s simple! She said, she loves my crappy english, it would be cute *LOL* Thanks a lot, Ashia :-)

You see, it´s easy to get credits! Just a few nice or funny words, a smile, a little bit of tolerance, and less self-importance :-) We are freebie bloggers, we work hard, we all do a good job! We are one of a kind – keep this in mind, please! Let´s share our freebie finds in a drama free and nice way. Who has found something free on which place, at what time (and why and how and so on….. *g*) isn´t important at all. Freebies are for you and you and you … for all of us! Just my 2 cents after overthinking a not so nice episode in my blogger life *g* Thanks for reading :-)

Author: hsm


7 thoughts on “Blanc`s last 2 gifts / Calla / Lisa`s / Adora

  1. I was wondering why we hadn’t seen as many of your posts as usual. I’m sorry to read that you had thought about quitting, but very, VERY glad you decided not to. You are a good freebie/fashion blogger, your pictures are great, and your english is charming.

    Thank you for all of your hard work!

  2. I’m so sad that Blanc is closing down, this is such a great store.

    Hazel, you are a lovely, charming person, I think your fun personality shines through on your blog posts, you should definitely keep at it if you still enjoy it :)

  3. I’m so happy to see you back Hazel, *hugs* <3 Ash

  4. Very well said Hazel!! I dearly LOVE the freebie bloggers, and I also love the freebie shoppers! A big giant heartfelt hug and thank you to FabFree staff, along with that other “rival” blog you mentioned. ;-)

  5. Unfortunately I went to Blanc’s link about 7AM SLT and it was gone already :(

  6. I’m glad that you are still blogging.. I really enjoy your style and your blogging..I thought you and Cher worked well as a team together and I’m sad to see that her computer is still giving her troubles as well as what she mentioned a few months ago about being really busy at work..

    The other bloggers are good, but I really love the style in the way you present things, not just the freebies.. (and yes, they are for everyone!!)

    Since I don’t know German so well, I can just say Danke!!

    AlterEgoTrip (Svenska) :)

  7. Thanks to all of you for your kind words :-) Yes, I´m back but still struggling with some family things right now iRL … I´ll try hard to continue blogging freebies, I promise. I´m afraid I`m not able atm to post as much as I did before but it should be possible to write 2 posts a week :-)

    I really appreciate your “hugs” :-) Just virtual hugs, I know … but I can feel them *smiles* Also, your constructive words makes me happy. Means a lot to me, thank you!

    DANKE (thank you) is a very important term in any language as well as BITTE (please). We should use these terms more often :-)

    So … to bring my comment to an end let me tell you

    Ich mag euch alle furchtbar gern!

    Hehe :-)Translation: I like you very, very much!


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