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BAIASTICE Gifts – Grand Opening & Hunt


“New Baiastice Sim Opening!

You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of the brand new BAIASTICE Sim. Thursday 10th July at 12am PDT/SLT.
Music provided by Baiastice face 2008 Giela Delpaso, who will be playing some 80′s 90′s and dance music and will be giving some hints for the hunting !!!
-More than 20 Baiastice new releases for day and night.
- J&J Skin – Pupa Evolution special price
- Behavior Body – Poses & Animations
- Stiletto Moody Shoes – New Store
- and a BIG HUNT !!!!
- FREE and Exclusive items released only to share this special openning with all of you:
20 special gifts including dresses, accessories, skins and poses hidden on the whole sim. Come get yours !!! Thank you, enjoy, and hope to you see you this Thursday!!”

Well, that´s what the notecard says, and it sounds fantastic :-) 20 small, golden “boxes” are hidden over the whole sim for only a week. Please, remove all attachments like AO, sexy walk, facelight and so on to reduce lag! I only managed to find 2 boxes (right click and buy for 0 Linden). You have to look high and low, inside the store and outside too, and use your cameras. I found Old America (top, pants, flexi skirt, flexi transparent skirt and hat) and Pop Flower :-)

Here´s your tp to Baiastice New Fashion Mainstore, Baiastice 152, 126, 5.

I didn´t receive only the invitation but also Blu Breeze (comes with pants and top both on 2 layers, gloves, and a belt in 3 sizes) as an amazing gift :-) Baiastice`s July gifts instore are this time 3 avatars: Mary Jane 5 years old, Mary Jane 15 years old and Mary Jane 25 years old. Shape, skin, hair, accessoires, clothes … all included! Freebie area is inside the store and there are still other freebies available.

To receive Blu Breeze and Leo Dress as a group gift you have to join the group ***Baiastice***by Sissy Pessoa. Go to search, choose tab “groups”, use the phrase baiastice, it´s the first choice. Join the group for free, go to the notices, the one dated 7/1/2008 is the July gift (Leo Dress). The other dated 7/10/2008 is the opening gift (Blu Breeze). Click “open attachment”. You are now proud owner of 2 boxes from Baiastice. Unpack your boxes (they should be in your object folder) ……. enjoy and Happy Hunting!

Author: hsm


2 thoughts on “BAIASTICE Gifts – Grand Opening & Hunt

  1. This ones hard, the gifts are tiny but here they all are, you can get the rest now fabbyhazel :-)

    1) 135/142/24
    2) 171/104/24
    3) 59/136/24
    4) 39/109/24
    5) 51/82/24
    6) 71/176/25
    7) 48/160/29
    8) 57/162/35
    9) 58/184/35
    10) 113/208/24
    11) 51/224/24
    12) 86/30/24
    13) 205/124/25
    14) 50/88/35
    15) 87/175/24
    16) 76/69/24
    17) 103/86/24 
    18) 127/75/24
    19) 78/113/24
    20) 81/105/27 (up the staircase)

  2. Thank you, Felicity :-)

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